Reliable Contract IT Staffing Services in Bangalore

Contract staffing is also known as contingent or temporary staffing. It basically involves hiring employees for the company only for a specific period rather than offering a permanent job. Contract staffing is ideal for companies who cannot anticipate future requirements such as the nature of the project, its timeline, and the technologies. In such cases hiring a full-time employee is not the best option, because there is no need to hire one when a project can't go more than 6 months.

This flexibility will allow companies to scale up or down their workforce based on the project's needs. Employees hired through staffing agencies are employed by the respective agency and the agency takes care of all the necessary things such as payroll, and other administrative aspects of the resource. It is one of the risk management methods for companies who want to minimize the risks. At Spigot, we offer contingent workforce management services Bangalore to fulfill business needs by providing top talent. Our customers can benefit from our cost-effective solutions, flexibility in workforce management, access to specialized skills, and reduced long-term liabilities.

Our Service Across Varied
Industry Verticals

IT Services

We deliver quality IT contract staff to major IT companies across India for various projects to provide companies access to skilled professionals who have expertise in diverse technologies and domains.

Banking, Finance

We provide IT and finance professionals with our temporary staffing solutions customized to the unique demands of these industries.

Sales and Marketing

Facilitating the temporary placement of sales and marketing professionals through our contingent staffing services in Bangalore. We boost campaign execution and meet specific business objectives by providing reliable staff in the industry.

Engineering and Aviation

Meeting the demand for engineering and aviation roles during peak periods, our staffing solutions will deliver project success and customer satisfaction.


Providing contract staffing solutions for manufacturing operations, we ensure a skilled workforce to maintain production timelines and quality standards all the time.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We offer temporary staffing solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to ensure an uninterrupted supply of resources.

A Closer Look at How We Handle Contract Staffing

Job Description Submission: We start the hiring process by collaborating with clients to understand their staffing needs and skill/experience requirements for that particular job. This will help us to create precise job postings with job descriptions provided by the client for an efficient attraction of the right talent.

Job Profile Comprehension: Then we go through the job profiles to identify key skills, qualifications, and experience that align with customer needs for successful candidate sourcing.

Candidate Sourcing: To achieve the best quality workforce we use our vast network and industry expertise to make sure you are provided with a pool of talented individuals that fits your job description perfectly. Our recruiters have specialized expertise not only in sourcing resources through job portals but also through social media networks.

Candidate Screening: We conduct rigorous screening processes to evaluate candidates based on their technical skills, cultural fit, and alignment with client vision and requirements.

Finalizing Job Offers: We organize and schedule meetings with our customers to coordinate and finalize interviews using industry-leading platforms.

Conducting Background Checks and Facilitating Onboarding: We also offer comprehensive background checks through industry-standard BGV agencies and coordinate with them to verify candidate’s credentials and facilitate smooth onboarding processes for genuine candidates.

Choose Us

Specialized Expertise

Benefit from our industry-specific niche expertise. We ensure that your staffing needs are met through our professional talent acquisition team, who understand the needs and vision of your business to promote its growth.


Experience the flexibility to scale your workforce based on project requirements in short periods. With our ability to adapt to changing industry demands, we provide highly reliable staffing solutions.

Quality Assurance

As a leading contingent staffing agency, our strict screening processes and commitment to quality assurance will make sure that you receive candidates who not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Timely and Agile Delivery

With a perfectly designed hiring process and a vast network of talent pool, we ensure timely delivery of candidates to support your project timelines.

Stabilizing Workforce

We are recognized for providing trustworthy, timely, and consistent services that are stable for industries where attrition rates are high.

Our Business Models

Fixed Fee Model

The Fixed Bid Model offers budget predictability with a predetermined fixed cost for the entire project agreed upon before development begins. Best suited for projects with well-defined requirements and limited changes expected during development.

Time and Resource Model

Our Time and Resource Model aligns project phases sequentially to optimize resource utilization and adhere to an adaptive schedule. This is ideal for stable projects, provides a structured and systematic workflow, and minimizes scope changes. This approach enables transparency, control, and predictable development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We guarantee strict adherence to laws, tax regulations, and industry-specific compliance standards to mitigate legal risks.

Employers will benefit from cost-effective solutions, flexibility in workforce management, access to specialized skills, and reduced long-term liabilities.

At Spigot, you will facilitated with an option to convert contract staff into permanent staff according to the terms and conditions with no hurdles. Customers can choose to convert contract employees to permanent staff based on performance, business needs, and employee approval.

Contract staffing can provide diverse experiences, exposure to various industries, and opportunities for skill development, which can improve an individual's career path.

Absolutely, contract staffing offers a flexible solution to address temporary spikes in workload to ensure businesses can meet demand without long-term commitments.