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Due to the changing nature of project technologies and management, companies sometimes require ramping up their teams on short notice. However, recruiting new staff can be time-consuming and expensive, particularly if not all the hired resources are needed in the long term. This can be challenging, especially in a highly competitive environment like the software industry, where delays and additional expenses can be detrimental to a company's success.

At Spigot Software, a top HR Agencies in Bangalore for Staffing Solutions, our staffing solutions are customized and always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices to identify the most suitable and reliable candidate in a short duration of time.

Talent Sourcing


We identify the needs of the customer and acquire the right candidates with precision.

Talent Sourcing

Hiring Solutions


Our hiring solutions are inclusive and prioritize diversity and inclusivity.

Hiring Solutions



We redefine how companies build their teams by providing efficient resources.




All of our services are client-centric to ensure a seamless hiring process.



Who We Are

Established in 2006 by the visionary Mr. Srinath Bettadpur, Spigot Software has constantly evolved into a prominent player in Software and HR services. Being one of the HR consultancy in Bangalore, today we have served various industries and our services cover a wide range of skills and domains, from mainstream to niche areas. Our journey has been marked by active leadership, relentless dynamism, human values, teamwork, and an uncompromising commitment to delivering high-quality recruitment solutions.

As a leading HR consultancy and recruitment firm in Bengaluru, we aim to reach further than expectations and nurture long-term partnerships with our clients.

Our Service Across Varied Industry Verticals


IT Services

At Spigot Software, we provide quality resources for IT companies across India. We will find the perfect candidate with the right skill set, who can contribute to the success of your company.


Banking, Finance

We specialize in sourcing the right banking and financial resources for both permanent and temporary positions. With our unmatched database and acquisition skills, we bring the right talent to you.


Sales and Marketing

With our sales and marketing resource management you can execute your key marketing business goals. We follow strict protocols to select the best marketing and sales employees for your business.


Engineering and Aviation

We understand the unique demands of the engineering and aviation market, which is why we provide on-demand hiring solutions that can deliver success for your project and satisfaction to your customers.



We combine our experience with our huge database of talent pools to find the perfect resource for your manufacturing needs. We consider various key factors while hiring to make sure the candidate is the right fit for your company.


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We, as one of the best HR consulting firms in Bangalore, provide temporary solutions for immediate positions in both healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring a seamless transition.


With a wealth of experience spanning over 17+ years, we have achieved a commendable track record of serving more than 50+ clients and 1000+ candidates in both permanent and contract staffing positions. Our ability to deliver such results has enabled us to highly reduce the necessity for job fairs and recruitment efforts. We take pride in cultivating enduring relationships with our clients, which has been instrumental in our continued growth and success.







Contract Staffing Solutions

Contract staffing is also known as contingent or temporary staffing. It basically involves hiring employees for the company only for a specific period rather than offering a permanent job. Contract staffing is ideal for companies who cannot anticipate future requirements such as the nature of the project, its timeline, and the technologies. In such cases hiring a full-time employee is not the best option, because there is no need to hire one when a project can't go more than 6 months.


Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy, suitable for organizations who are looking to supplement their internal capacity by hiring employees through a staffing agency. This flexible staffing solution offers companies access to vast specialized skills and resources without any commitment. Spigot Software’s staff augmentation provides businesses with the ability to quickly acquire skilled professionals in response to peak or temporary project demands.


Custom Software Solutions

To create a lasting impression and build a brand name, custom software development plays a pivotal role. This will help translate your visions into a tangible reality by offering you a wider reach and improved delivery for your customers. Custom software for your business can address the unique needs, enhance efficiency, and foster innovation of your target audience. At Spigot Software we offer comprehensive bespoke software development company in bangalore to ensure businesses receive bespoke solutions aligned with their goals.


Experience the Difference

Stabilizing workforce

We specialize in providing trustworthy, timely, and consistent services that are reliable and stable for industries where attrition rates are high.

Quality Assurance

Our strict screening processes and commitment to providing quality resources will make sure that you receive candidates who not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

Timely and Agile Delivery

With a perfectly designed hiring process and a vast network of talent pool, we ensure timely delivery of candidates to support your project timelines.

Specialized Expertise

Benefit from our industry-specific niche expertise. We ensure that your staffing needs are met through our professional talent acquisition team, who understand the needs and vision of your business to promote its growth.

Our Clients

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