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The hiring process has evolved significantly from the traditional methods. Today, businesses can hire employees for different functions such as hybrid, contract, staff augmentation, and outsourcing. This enables companies to hire resources with in-demand skills, diverse backgrounds, and abilities that perfectly fit the role. However, when organizations make hasty hiring decisions, they end up hiring candidates who may not be the right ones for the long term.

The hiring process is a critical juncture for any organization, a poor decision can impact team dynamics and overall performance. Permanent hiring also involves costs associated with training, onboarding, and subsequent termination expenditures. Partnering with a staffing agency can significantly improve an organization’s hiring process. Experience the staffing difference with Spigot’s reliable permanent recruitment services in Bangalore. Our access to a diverse talent pool and expertise in industry-specific recruitment allows us to hire resources for flexible solutions efficiently.

Leading Permanent Staffing Solutions

Building Success:
Key Benefits of Permanent Staffing


Long-Term Stability

When you hire new permanent employees, they instantly become an integral part of not just the organization but also the team. Over time, these are the ones that contribute to the organization's growth as they provide stability to the team.


Quality Talent Acquisition

Permanent staffing includes rigorous screening processes. This will reduce the chances of hiring mediocre talent. This staffing process ensures that only the right candidate with the right set of skills, experience, and cultural fit is selected.



There are hefty up-front costs associated with permanent staffing, but these are associated with long-term benefits. A perfectly executed hiring process for a permanent role can reduce the overall costs of recruiting in the long run.


Reduced Risk

Compared to temporary staffing, permanent staffing offers more reliability. They contribute significantly to the company and invest in the company’s vision. This will reduce the risk associated with hiring temporary employees.


Onboarding Support

Permanent employees receive a comprehensive onboarding process, which results in faster integration and productivity times. This will ensure that the hired employees contribute effectively to the company in the long run.

Our Recruitment Process

Our Recruitment Process

Initial Consultation: In the initial consultation stages, we understand the needs, specifications, and organizational culture to narrow down the search process. We then identify the skills, qualifications, and experience to find a candidate whose values align with your culture.

Job Posting and Promotion: Our staff creates compelling job descriptions including the responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits clearly to attract top talent. We use various job portals, social media, and various other channels to get the right fit for you.

Candidate Screening: We follow a strict screening process to identify top talent without any compromises. We analyze various candidates' profiles, evaluate their technical and soft skills, and assess the cultural fit to make sure you are provided with the right talent.

In-depth Interviews: As one of the leading permanent staffing companies in Bangalore, we have developed an in-depth interview process that delves deeper into the candidate’s background, motivations, and suitability for the role. We analyze their past experiences and assess their technical skills to ensure alignment with your company’s values.

Reference and Background Checks: Conducting a strict background check is part of our screening process. This involves verifying the candidate’s credentials, work history, and references, we validate these references based on the client's requirements and help find genuine candidates.

Presentation to Client: The shortlisted candidate is then presented to you for further evaluation. We summarize each candidate’s profile based on various factors to facilitate a seamless interview process between you and the candidates.

Offer Negotiation and Placement: Once the candidate selection is completed we facilitate offer negotiation and assist in reaching mutually beneficial terms. We can also help businesses draft a formal offer letter and finalize the acceptance and placement.

Onboarding Support: One of our strongest attributes includes providing a seamless transition for the new hire. Our permanent staffing agency in Bangalore provides detailed information about the company and policies to help the candidate settle into their role faster.

Why We're Your Ideal Permanent Staffing Partner, Our Distinctive Approach to Permanent Staffing

Tailored Solutions

We have grown into a leading permanent recruitment agency in Bangalore for our customized selection process to meet the unique demands of clients across various industries.

Extensive Candidate Network

Over the years with our experience, we have developed an extensive talent pool to ensure access to professionals. Benefit from our connections and huge employee database businesses.

Industry Expertise

Reliable staffing solutions require an understanding of sector-specific needs. Using our expertise in providing staffing solutions, we identify the key aspects of the role and find the best fit for it.

Commitment to Quality

Growing as a leading provider of staffing solutions, we are always committed to providing high-quality resources for clients across various industries. Experience the difference with our staffing solutions.

Quick Turnaround Time

Every part of our selection process is optimized to facilitate efficient processes and minimize delays. We follow strict deadlines to fulfil immediate or urgent requirements and facilitate a seamless transition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There is no one fixed time for the permanent staffing process, this duration depends on the role, complexity, and number of employee requirements. However, on average, this can take a few weeks to a couple of months.

Our permanent staffing agency in Bangalore caters to a wide range of positions from entry-level to executive-level positions for various industries.

One of the greatest strengths of Spigot Software is our ability to recruit employees for niche industries with lower attrition rates and unique skill sets.

Our company actively promotes diversity in the selection process by sourcing from diverse talent pools across India and ensuring unbiased selection.
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