Essential IT Staff Augmentation Services in Bangalore

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy, suitable for organizations who are looking to supplement their internal capacity by hiring employees through a staffing agency. This flexible staffing solution offers companies access to vast specialized skills and resources without any commitment. Spigot Software’s staff augmentation provides businesses with the ability to quickly acquire skilled professionals in response to peak or temporary project demands.

With staff augmentation, companies can acquire talent in a specific niche that aligns with their project to enhance the overall project efficiency, speed, and success. This can help companies manage the short-term risk of the availability of peak manpower by hiring skilled professionals from staffing agencies based on short-term project requirements.

Services of Staff


Onsite Service

We provide skilled professionals to work directly at the client's office to facilitate seamless coordination with the already existing internal team and ensure the success of the project.


Remote Services

For companies with flexible work cultures, we offer remote access to qualified experts to enable flexibility in teams and allow organizations to hire employees from all over India.


IT Consulting Services

We specialize in providing IT resource & staff augmentation Services in Bangalore with expert advice and consultation on IT-related matters.


Temporary Staffing Services

By supplying temporary professionals for specific roles or projects, we offer flexibility in workforce management without the long-term commitments of permanent staffing.

Our Staffing Process

Client Inquiry: We begin by understanding client requirements, project goals, and skill needs to provide augmented staffing solutions accordingly.

Team Assessment and Selection: Then, we conduct a rigorous assessment of the candidates that fit the skill set and identify the right professionals to match the client's needs.

Candidate Evaluation Process: Followed by assessment, a thorough evaluation of candidates, including technical skills, cultural fit, and alignment with project requirements are conducted to finalize the process.

Onboarding Developers: We Streamline the entire onboarding process for selected candidates and ensure a smooth transition into the client's team. Our customized staffing process makes us the best staff augmentation company in Bangalore.


Benefits of Staff
Augmentation Services


Flexibility and Scalability

Adjust your team size based on project needs, technologies used, and cultural fit to promote flexibility and scalability in workforce management.


Accelerated Project Timelines

Get access to skilled professionals who specialize in adapting to new work cultures and promote quicker project execution, contributing to accelerated timelines.


Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Augmented staff will bring specialized skills to your team and contribute to improving overall productivity and project efficiency.


Reduced Recruitment Hassles

Eliminate the lengthy recruitment processes and associated hassles with our effective staffing solutions which allow organizations to focus on core business activities.


Industry-Specific Expertise

Acquire access to professionals with industry-specific knowledge, or any other specific niche with Spigot Software’s staffing solutions to ensure projects are executed with domain expertise.


Customized Skill Set Acquisition

Customize the skill set of the augmented team you hire to make sure they align with specific project requirements and ensure a customized approach with our staff augmentation solution in Bangalore.

Why Choose Spigot Soft for
Staff Augmentation?


Proven Expertise

With proven expertise in offering staffing solutions to leading companies, you can benefit from our top-tier staff augmentation services.


Diverse Talent Pool

Get Access to a diverse pool of skilled professionals across various domains and technologies, to find the best fit that aligns with your company’s projects.


Client-Centric Approach

Our client-centric approach makes sure that our staffing solutions are aligned with your unique business goals and requirements to offer efficient staffing solutions.


Seamless Integration

We prioritize the seamless integration of augmented staff into your existing workforce to foster collaboration and synergy.

Our Business Models

Fixed Fee Model

The Fixed Bid Model offers budget predictability with a predetermined fixed cost for the entire project agreed upon before development begins. Best suited for projects with well-defined requirements and limited changes expected during development.

Time and Resource Model

Our Time and Resource Model aligns project phases sequentially to optimize resource utilization and adhere to an adaptive schedule. This is ideal for stable projects, provides a structured and systematic workflow, and minimizes scope changes. This approach enables transparency, control, and predictable development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Staff augmentation provides small businesses with the flexibility to access skilled professionals as needed, without long-term commitments. This allows businesses to adapt to the latest technologies and talent pool efficiently, without needing many resources.

Staff augmentation offers flexibility, scalability, and access to specialized skills for temporary engagements, whereas traditional hiring involves long-term employment commitments.

Make sure that the staffing provider implements all the security measures and confidentiality agreements to ensure your data security and compliance with industry standards.

Yes, staff augmentation allows startups to access skilled talent without the financial burden of permanent hires.

Augmented staff often bring industry-specific expertise, which allows knowledge transfer between the employees during the course of the project, contributing to skill development within the client's organization.
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