Innovate to Elevate: The Connection Between IT Staff Augmentation and Business Growth

Staff augmentation or temporary staffing is a process of hiring or outsourcing. This involves hiring a single resource or outsourcing an entire department for a particular project to an already existing team through a service provider. This business strategy has been increasingly used in today’s changing business environment. The main goal is to add additional skills that are missing in the existing staff based on the project’s demands.

Hiring resources can be a tiring process especially when there are immediate project requirements, this forces companies to take immediate actions. This compromises the quality of the hiring process and therefore results in frequent hiring and firing of employees. By partnering with reliable staff augmentation service providers in Bangalore , you can achieve quality resources in a short period of time. In this blog, let us understand the connection between staff augmentation and growth of the business, and how an optimized staffing process can accelerate the business growth.

Types of staff augmentation

1. Offshore Augmentation

In this process, the resources are hired from other countries to benefit from a large talent pool.

2. Onshore Augmentation

This process involves hiring employees from the same country where the organization is established.

3. Team-based Staff Augmentation

Team-based process involves hiring an entire team to work on a particular project.

Common challenges faced by the companies during the hiring process

Hiring consists of various stages and should be performed with strict protocols to find the right talent for the company. All these factors make the hiring process difficult, here are some of the common challenges faced by companies:

  • The hiring process can be extremely lengthy, this involves various rounds of tests and interviews. Streamlining the hiring process without compromising the quality of the resources is one of the biggest challenges companies face.
  • This also involves processing large amounts of data including candidates' resumes, portfolios, and other things. However, collecting and analyzing these amounts of data can be tiring despite the strict deadlines for the companies.
  • Compliance and legal issues, many companies struggle in the stages of the hiring process, especially while hiring individuals from other countries. Handling work visas, and employment laws can be challenging.

Now, hiring a professional staff augmentation service providing companies can reduce the burden of the hiring process. This can also allow companies to find the best talent within short periods of time. At Spigot Software, a leading staff augmentation company in Bangalore, we offer onsite, remote, IT, and temporary staffing solutions for companies. We specialize in providing flexible and reliable resources for accelerated timelines.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

There are various benefits associated with staff augmentation, here are some of the most valuable benefits of staff augmentation:

  1. Strategic focus
  2. Opting for staff augmentation solutions will allow companies to utilize their resources for more impactful areas of operation. By focusing on these important aspects businesses can optimize performance and achieve success.

  3. Bridges the skill gap
  4. IT staff augmentation helps businesses to bridge the skill gap between the project and the existing team. This allows businesses to acquire talent from vast talent pools, specifically for particular projects. This will allow businesses to build their portfolios and also bring new projects building the overall revenue of the company.

  5. Reduces the recruitment time
  6. Staff augmentation is usually done through a third-party sourcing partner, these companies are specially designed to address the immediate job requirements of various companies. With their huge databases and profile optimisations, these companies can significantly reduce recruitment times, enabling faster client solutions.

  7. Cost-effective
  8. By hiring a reliable outsourcing company, businesses can reduce the costs involved in hiring processes. Since these positions are only for temporary purposes, investing time and money in hiring processes can be critical. These companies have inbuilt infrastructure to manage and optimize the hiring process, thereby reducing the overall costs associated with hiring.

  9. Flexibility and scalability
  10. Temporary staffing solutions offer businesses the ability for adaptive growth. This refers to the company's ability to adjust operations and resources with respect to the changing demands. Staff augmentation offers the flexibility to choose and hire resources from various locations and skills for a short time depending on the complexity of the project and its deadlines.


All in all, the staff augmentation solution in Bangalore , exemplified by industry leaders like Spigot Software, serves as a strategic ally for businesses to fill immediate skill gaps within teams and also offers businesses the opportunity to grow. Companies can improve their existing teams or create new teams with fresh expertise and perspectives to ensure current trends and technologies are met and operations are at the forefront. Staff augmentation's ability to respond to market dynamics with speed and precision can significantly contribute to the company’s success in the short term and long term.


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