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Your Gateway to Exceptional Talent:

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The information technology industry has undergone remarkable transitions in recent years. In the financial year 2023, the IT-BPM industry accounted for 7.5% of India’s GDP. This contribution reflects the pivotal role of this industry in India and the company’s growth in the market. However, this has created a demand for professional IT employees across various industries.

Focusing on hiring processes becomes significantly hard when dealing with the business, in the development stages. This is leading to increased attrition rates in the companies. It is now more difficult than ever to find the right talent or perfect fit for the company, despite all the challenges faced, it is sometimes difficult to know whether you are making the right hiring decision. Partner with Spigot Software, an IT staffing company in Bangalore that brings the right talent for a role with the exact skills and culture definition your company needs. A good resource not only fills in the gap but also gives your organization an advantage over the competition.

Our Offerings
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Pre-screened and Pre-verified Candidates

As a part of the hiring process we meticulously evaluate candidates based on various criteria. This includes assessing qualifications, skills, experience, and strict background checks. This saves time for the hiring managers and assures every candidate is qualified for faster recruitment cycles.


Highly Skilled and Qualified Candidates

We specialize in identifying candidates with specific technical expertise. Our expert hiring managers match job requirements to the candidate’s skills, certifications, and experience. Clients can benefit from our access to a wide range of skilled professionals who can contribute to the success of the projects and company.

Tailored matches

Tailored Matches for Your Vacancies

We customize the job profiles by considering the company’s culture, team dynamics, and project specifics to ensure that candidates fit into the company perfectly. We are also known for filling vacancies efficiently and quickly with candidates who align with the organizational goals.

Expert guidance

Expert Guidance on

At Spigot Software we assist businesses with paperwork, contracts, and compliance to ensure accurate and complete documentation. As we handle all the administrative tasks, businesses can experience reduced errors and risk mitigation.

Payroll structure

Robust and Compliant Payroll Structure

We also help businesses manage payroll, benefits, and tax-related matters for temporary and contract employees to ensure compliance with labor laws. This will simplify management and reduce administrative burden.

What Value Do Staffing Solutions Bring to Your Organization

What Value Do Staffing Solutions Bring to Your Organization

Access to Talent: Our access to a broader talent pool improves the recruitment process by connecting organizations with skilled professionals. We bring the best fit for respective roles across various positions to assist companies in reaching their success.

Reduced Risk: Staffing agencies specialize in the hiring process, they verify credentials, conduct strict background checks, and assess their cultural fit. This will minimize the risks and the chances of making a bad hire.

Quality Candidates: The staffing agency's main objective is to find the best candidates for the company. A reliable staffing agency always focuses on quality over quantity to ensure candidates meet job requirements.

Focus on Core Business: Hiring a staffing agency allows organizations to concentrate on the core ideas of the business. They handle the recruitment process from end to end, leaving the company’s internal teams to focus on strategic goals.

Expertise: IT staffing Bangalore comes equipped with knowledge of the industry’s latest trends, salary benchmarks, and candidate behaviour to make sure the hiring process is seamless.

Comprehensive Scope of
Staffing Solutions


Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing offers flexibility and is cost-effective for immediate assistance. Choose this option for short-term support during specific projects, trends, or workload spikes.


Permanent Staffing

Permanent staffing is for organizations that are seeking long-term employees. This staffing option contributes to the stability and growth of the organization in the long run.


Contractual Basis

Contract staffing is designed for specialized roles and duration times. This provides the flexibility to hire employees without any long-term commitments. Doing so can reduce significant costs associated with the hiring process.



When people hired on a contract basis work well for the organization, convert the resource after careful assessment, and hold on to a trial period before committing to full-time employment.


Project-Based Staffing

This staffing option is ideal for short-term projects, especially those involving upgraded technologies. If you require fresh talent for specific niche projects, contact a staffing agency to provide you with tailored solutions.

Why Choose Us for Your Staffing Solutions

Extensive Talent Network

Having an extensive talent network allows us to access a wide pool of qualified professionals. Organizations can benefit by quickly identifying suitable candidates for various positions including niche or high-demand positions.

Personalized Approach

The personalized approach is an important part of IT staffing services in Bangalore. We understand each client’s unique requirements and tailor the recruitment strategies accordingly.

Proven Track Record

Our proven track record over the years includes hiring critical roles for top companies. This showcases our ability to deliver quality resources consistently and is your reason to invest in confidence that we can find the right candidate.

Agile and Flexible

Flexibility and agility are our top priorities throughout the hiring process. We adapt to the changing needs of the market and respond swiftly to ensure timely delivery and allow our clients to scale up or down their resources.

Commitment to Excellence

We go beyond the basics to consistently deliver exceptional resources to our clients. We are committed to prioritizing quality, candidate satisfaction, and long-term partnerships.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

At Spigot Software, we understand the urgency when hiring for immediate fulfilment. That is why we strive to help businesses fill the vacancies as quickly as possible. Our extensive database combined with expertise in staffing allows us to find the perfect fit for our customers.

Spigot Software Solutions provides free replacement if the sourced candidate leaves the client’s organization within 90 days.

Yes, our staffing services cater to diverse business requirements. We provide resources for both onsite and remote purposes to make sure companies get the right talent at the right time for the right role.
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