Short-Term vs. Long-Term Staffing: Which Is Better for Your Business?

This question troubles almost every entrepreneur out there in the market. Whether to hire employees in a permanent position or temporary position for a business to grow in the long run. The answer is obviously “One glove doesn't fit all”. Every business is different, from the way it works, the industry it's contributing to, the motives, the long-term goal, and the perspective of the founders. Short-term staffing vs long-term staffing, each has its own positive and negative elements.

Businesses or companies should consider all the factors involved in these strategies, and choose the one that better fits their preferences and contributes to the overall success of the company. This comprehensive blog provides an in-depth guide to choosing the right business practice, including the benefits and challenges of each strategy. It also offers recommendations for selecting the best strategy based on your specific business needs.

Short-term staffing

Short-term staffing also known as contingent staffing solutions is being considered by many companies for its flexibility. This practice involves hiring employees temporarily either from a sourcing company or through freelance platforms. Usually, employees will be hired under a contract of a fixed period or length of a specific project timeline and are subjected to various terms and conditions that vary from the full-time employees. Below are the benefits, challenges, and recommendations for companies planning on recruiting on a temporary basis:


  • Contingent staffing allows businesses to quickly adapt to projects and new technologies in the market. This will help businesses in hiring a resource specifically for the project or immediate requirements without committing to any long-term contracts.
  • This process involves very little investment. Significant costs such as employee benefits, training period, or overhead costs can be reduced or eliminated resulting in a cost-effective solution.
  • Short-term staffing gives the flexibility of bringing specific expertise or skills needed for contract-based or product-based projects. This will allow businesses to use their knowledge without any commitment.


  • While contingent staffing can sound fun with all the new skills and expertise, it becomes challenging to maintain these short-term contracts and also can disrupt the team workflow or dynamics in the long run.
  • Even though the resources come with experience, they require training. This can be time-consuming for short-term roles or when done frequently.
  • Temporary staff usually lack interest in the company’s success and may not always be as enthusiastic about the success of the company as full-time employees.


For companies who work with changing technologies or who are under strict deadlines to hire an employee here are the recommendations:

  • Try to plan ahead, make sure you anticipate peak seasons or trending technologies in the market and start recruiting as early as possible.
  • Make sure you communicate your roles, expectations, and project timelines clearly with the temporary resources during the interview process to avoid any discrepancies in the future.
  • Regularly assess the performance of the employees based on their work and other factors to retain the employees for long-term roles.
  • Consider hiring a reliable staffing company in Bangalore for an efficient hiring process.

Now, hiring a professional staff augmentation service providing companies can reduce the burden of the hiring process. This can also allow companies to find the best talent within short periods of time. At Spigot Software, a leading staff augmentation company in Bangalore, we offer onsite, remote, IT, and temporary staffing solutions for companies. We specialize in providing flexible and reliable resources for accelerated timelines.

Long-term staffing

Long-term staffing also known as permanent staffing solutions involves hiring employees on a full-time basis. Companies find the best candidates based on various factors such as experience, job descriptions, and also cultural resonance. This ensures that the acquired resources are a perfect fit for the organization in the long run.


  • One of the main advantages of long-term staffing is undoubtedly the stability. These employees become familiar with the organization’s culture and processes, which provides long-term stability for the organization.
  • With employee benefits, other perks, and a positive work culture the permanent staff are more likely to be loyal and committed to work for the success of the organization.
  • Extensive training during the initial stages will enhance the performance of the long-term employees and lead to improved productivity in the long run.


  • The costs associated with permanent staffing are higher since they include benefits, salaries, functional office expenses such as seating and other facilities, and administrative expenses.
  • By hiring an employee for a designated role, they may struggle to adapt to new technologies under strict time constraints.
  • Companies have to struggle to handle the arrogant behaviours of a few employees who are not willing to change.


  • Invest more time in the hiring process from crafting the job descriptions to the interview process. This will allow you to choose the right employee who can fit your company.
  • Keep the long-term staff engaged, and make sure you allow them to learn and develop continuously through various activities.
  • Finally, consider having both full-time and part-time employees in the company to maintain flexibility and stability.
  • It's important to choose a reliable staffing service provider to access top talent with trending technologies and find the best fit for your company.

Spigot Software - Your destination for permanent and temporary roles

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Remember, the choice between temporary or permanent staffing solutions purely depends on your organization's goals, context, and respective industry. Evaluate all the options along with your unique needs and make an informed decision that will guide your company in the right direction. This blog points out the advantages and challenges of each to help you in making the right decision. Contact Spigot for any information related to staffing solutions.


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